Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A note from Tracey Rempel.....
Jerry is, praise God, holding his own. It's
been a long, scary journey. We arrived in California on the Thursday before
Christmas, within twelve hours, Jerry was admitted into a hospital in Lodi, CA
with puenomia. He went into ICU and immediateley put on life support, it was
terrifying!! The infection was so bad, he could not breathe. For the next three
 days it was touch and go, but our God is an awesome God and with the prayers of
my friends and many people I don't even know, he seemed to be pulling through.
Then the doctors told me there was nothing else they could do, just like that, I
was so scared. I wasn't ready to lose the love of my life. But.....the doctors
didn't know that my Jesus is the greatest of healers. People from all over the
USA called me to let me know prayers were being said for healing.
I know God will continue to strengthen Jerry and Jesus is holding him in His arms, just
like in the "foot prints" prayer. He is still on life support but all his lab
work is improving. Please keep the prayers coming, there is a light at the end
of the tunnel and Jerry will be healed. I know his testimony will be used to
help others.
Thankyou everyone.
Please Everyone! Let's keep lifting them up and praying for them as well as my cousin Dart. He just had surgery for cancer "the evil murderer". We must continue to pray to God that healing is done for these two men. They both are in California right now and let's just concentrate for their healing and full restoration, In Jesus Name!

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Anonymous said...

Praying for both of them. Dart and Jerry please be lifted and held by Jesus. Healing will transform you and make you NEW!